Before you go too far, a warning:
this site will not be updated regularly.

The object of the exercise is simply to have somewhere to deposit my Quake bits and pieces.

Having played Quake - all three versions - for over five years, I feel the need for change and have taken up base jumping. The preparation for this sport means that I have no time for Quaking these days.

These pages are left for anyone who happens across them as I assume you arrived here by way of Quake. If not, it does not matter. Look around and you may find something of interest.

Best wishes to all of those who still Quake: especially the mappers who kept Quake SP1 so good, for so long. It was great fun whilst it lasted.

The links above are simply those sites that I still visit occasionally. If you don't know them already, pay them a visit. It is they who keep Quake going.


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Mike's Quake Maps

Other Favourite Maps

Quake Editing

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